The Dashboard is home to notifications of recent events on the system. As clients join your portal and documents are uploaded, downloaded and signed, notifications will be displayed on the dashboard.

Dashboard items contain a button link which will take you to the relevant document.

The main areas explained:

Week/Month View
Clicking on these buttons will summarise the following tasks that your firm has conducted over a week or month period:

Snapshot of your firm's uploads i.e. how many documents have been uploaded

Number of signed documents during the period
New people (accounts) associated with your clients that have been created in the period to have access to the portal
New clients created in the period - entities or individuals that you provide a service to such as companies, trusts, Mr, Mrs, Child, etc.
Signing Events
Number of documents that have been assigned a signing task and are signed or unsigned
Displays documents that have been forwarded to client for signing that have yet to be signed, or are only partially signed. Clicking on the down arrow next to the document name will show who is still required to sign the document.

Displays all signed documents. 

Release Notes
Click  "Find Out"  to display the latest software release notes on the Portal Help Screen.
This screen provides you with any latest enhancements and bug fixes.
You can also search for articles and videos on help as well as log a Helpdesk ticket if you need extra help or even check on your ticket status.
Recent Events
Recent events displays all of your company and client activities that have been undertaken such as file uploads, documents awaiting signing.

Profile Area 

This area displays the details of the person logged into the Portal Admin site. Here you can:

  • Access the portal help
  • Profile - see your details and change your user password
  • Log out of the Portal Admin site  

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