Announcements are used to send a message out to your Portal client base all at once.  For example, you may want to announce your Christmas shut down hours or some Budget updates. 

Announcements can be prepared, edited, save, previewed and published. A published schedule date can be set to automatically expire after a specific event is complete.

Note: Announcements are not visible to clients until they have been published.

From the side panel, select Announce and use the buttons to create a new announcement, edit an existing announcement or publish an announcement.

Creating a new announcement

Select New to create an Announcement and then add a title and enter the text

Announcements can be formatted using the toolbar to Bold, Italic, Underline etc. Optionally, a file can be uploaded or links to images and hyperlinks can be added.

Upload a file, using the File Attachments Upload button. 

Images are inserted using a link to file on an FTP site. Hyperlinks are inserted by adding the URL 

An expiry date can be included so that the announcement is automatically removed from the client's portal after the expiry date has been reached.

Once you have finished creating the announcement, press Preview to review prior to publishing. At this point you have the option of:

  • Continuing to edit the announcement
  • Confirm (this saves the announcement but does not publish it)
  • Confirm and publish (this will make the announcement visible to clients)
  • Cancel (this removes the draft announcement completely)

Once an announcement has been saved, but not published, you have the option to edit or publish at a later date.

You also have the option to remove a published announcement by selecting the item in the grid and pressing Hide.

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