Terminology Used in the Portal

Before beginning to use the HowNow Portal by Business Fitness it is strongly suggested that you read all the information provided in this document and any other resources available.

The HowNow Portal is 100% cloud based allowing all users of the software to access the site remotely from anywhere in the world.

It is important to understand the different roles available on the Portal, each user on the portal will have a designated role that defines their purpose and available functions on the portal.



These are employees of the firm using the portal. Employees can perform core actions on the Portal such as creating clients, creating accounts with assigned clients and configuring the system settings. They have access to all the clients, accounts and documents that reside inside a firm’s Portal. 



Clients take on the traditional role of a client of a firm. Clients are the entities that are serviced by a firm. The portal is a way for the firm and the client to exchange documents of any size or file type.

Account (User):

User accounts are individuals who have been given access to a client(s) to access documents that have been uploaded to that client. They can be the owners, directors, shareholders of a business or people associated with the business, such as a bookkeeper.

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