Setting up HowNow Online to Connect to the Portal

Setting Up a Connection between HowNow Online and HowNow Portal Users (Your Employees).

1. Ensure the Employee is setup as an active User in HowNow Online

Each Employee logging in to HowNow Online who needs to connect to the Portal will need to be invited as a User Account in HowNow Online.

2. Setup an Employee account in the HowNow Portal.

They will also need an Employee account (and an Employee Adobe connection) established in HowNow Portal. You can find out how to do that here

3. Link the HowNow Online User account to the HowNow Portal Employee account.

Each person will then need to have a link established between their HowNow Online User account and their HowNow Portal Employee account.  

Under the Administration section (from the drop down on your user name in the top right hand corner of the website), select Users, then choose "Connect to HowNow Portal". You will be asked to enter your administrative credentials.

Press next and you will be taken to the "Connect Users" screen. From here select the Online User from the drop down (only users not already connected to the Portal will be listed). Then select the Portal User account for that person.

Then press the green "Connect" button to establish the connection.

The User will now be able to Invite Clients to HowNow Online.

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