Create a Connection to Xero Practice Manager

Syncing your contacts from Xero Practice Manager into HowNow Online requires a user to authorise the connection between HowNow Online & Xero Practice Manager. 

Before getting started

From Xero you will need to make sure the user account you would like to use to authorise the integration has the "Authorise 3rd Party Full Access" privilege ticked. This can typically be found in Xero from Business → Settings → Staff and then click on the person you'd like to edit, the option should be towards the bottom of the page as shown below.

As a HowNow Online Administrator you will need to follow the steps below to connect Xero Practice Manager to HowNow Online. 

1. From the Welcome back menu, select Administration

2. Select Connections

3. Select Create new connection

4. Select Xero Practice Manager 

5. Click on the Install Now button and then the Yes button to continue

3. Login with your Xero Practice Manager username and password

4. Allow access to your Xero Practice Manager data 

5. Select the Xero Practice Manager tenant you are syncing with HowNow 

6. You should now see that you are connected and an initial sync will be started

Other Important Information about your Xero Practice Manager Connection


  • Important Note: There is currently a bug in WFM's API that is not flagging some updates to contacts as changes, due to this bug it is possible that some changes to client information may not sync to HowNow on an incremental sync.
    While WFM are working on this issue, you can ensure that all data is updated by manually running a once-daily full sync from the connections page, more info on how to do this at the bottom of the page.

Refreshing Contacts

An update sync will automatically process every six hours.

Only click on the Refresh button when you wish to perform a manual update of the Client data.

There are two choices for manually Refreshing Client data.

  1. Changes since last sync - this sync will run quickly and only update Client data that has been updated since the last refresh. This update is recommended if a manual sync is required as it does not put a load on the system.
  2. Re-sync ALL client data - this sync may be required if some updated information is not able to be updated from the third party software - such as primary contact changes. This will re-sync all Client data so it may take some time, depending on the number of clients being transferred for your Firm. NB: This refresh option should be used sparingly to reduce unnecessary network traffic.

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