Edit App not Detected

On occasion you may find that there is a message on your HowNow Online Dashboard that looks similar to the one highlighted above. This generally indicates one of four problems;

  • The Edit App is not running,
  • is not logged in to an account,
  • is not connected to HowNow Online's services or,
  • the Edit App is not installed.

To see if the edit app is running, check your system tray for the HowNow icon as highlighted below. Note that you may have to click the small arrow pointing upwards to find it. If the icon is not there, you may need to run the HowNow Edit App from the Start Menu.

HowNow Online icon in the Task Bar.

HowNow Online Edit App in the Windows 10 Start Menu

If the Edit App is running, you can also check to see if it is connected by right-clicking the icon and looking for "Disconnect from Server". If it doesn't say that, click on "Connect to server" as shown below.

If you are still having the issue, then you may not be logged in via the Edit App. By right clicking the icon, you should see either "Log out" or "Log in". If it says "Log out", click that button and then go back to click "Log in". NOTE: Please make sure to log in with the same account you are logged in to the HowNow Online website with. If you log in with the wrong account on either the website or the Edit App, the filing process will not work.

If you have any further issues, please call Business Fitness support on 1300 333 424 or submit a ticket with us via the website or via email us at support@businessfitness.net

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