Emailing a Document

In the Documents tab, click on the Envelope icon to Email a document straight from HowNow Online.

This functionality requires your Edit App (min. version 1.0.96) to be logged in.

Click on the Envelope icon next to the document you wish to email. This will launch a new email message.

The document will be attached to the new email message.

The document title will be used in the Subject of the email. 

The Primary Contact email address for that Client will be used by HowNow Online as the Sendee. If there is no Primary Contact email address, the email address recorded in Client Details will be used. If neither of these email addresses exist the To field will be blank and require filling.

You will be asked if you wish to Add the email to HowNow Online.

Note: A document cannot be emailed if it is locked by another user.

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