Document Statuses

In HowNow Online there are 4 statuses that you can apply to a document - Draft, Review, Approved and Final. If you are also subscribed to the HowNow Portal you will see 2 additional statuses - Imported and Exported. 

The document status specifies the stage a document has reached in its normal processing life.  By default, a document's status is set to 'Draft' when it is created, once it is ready for review it's status can be changed to 'Review', and so on until the status is set to 'Final' when the document is, in paper-based terminology, ready for filing.

The document status is an important filter as it can help to reduce clutter in the search results list. 

See the below help articles for using document statuses in HowNow Online.

Changing the status of a document

Filtering documents by status

Adding documents

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