Locking and Unlocking Documents

“Lock” status icon (A closed padlock)

This means the document is Locked because someone is using it. Clicking it will unlock the document. You can only unlock documents that you have opened, unless you are an Administrator.

“Unlock” status icon (An open padlock)

This means the document is Unlocked. Clicking it will lock the document.

When a Document is greyed out the document is in use. Hover over the lock to see if you have the document in use. Click the padklock to unlock the document if you have saved your changes back to HowNow Online and preferrably closed the document.

Likewise, the document can be Locked by clicking on the Unlocked padlock.

This document is in use by another User. An Administrator can unlock this document by clicking into the Document Settings.

Currently when changes are saved via the Edit App and the application used to edit the file is closed the document in HowNow Online will remain locked for 24hrs. It is up to the user to unlock it when they have finished with it if the document needs to be edited earlier.

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