Unable to see 'Edit' icon on documents / templates list in FireFox

Ensure the latest version is installed

Download the latest version of the HowNow Online Edit App from HowNow Online Downloads. Once the latest version is installed it is recommended to reboot your computer to ensure all changes are applied. If this is not possible then please ensure you close all open browser windows and open them again before accessing HowNow Online.

Ensure the plug in is always active

Ensuring the plug in is always set to active will mean that FireFox will load it when you are using HowNow Online and the "Edit" action icon will show on the documents and templates lists.

    1. In Firefox, click on the menu button new fx menu to expand the menu panel.
    2. Click "Add-ons". The Add-ons Manager page will open.
    3. Click "Plugins" from the left hand menu.
    4. Locate "HowNowEdit" in the list of plugins and ensure the drop down on the right is set to "Always Activate".
    5. Close FireFox.
    6. Re-open FireFox and navigate to HowNow Online

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