Creating filters

Filters define your filing system. They are an advanced search option that allows you to group documents together.

Only HowNow Online Adminstrators can Add, Edit or Delete Filters.

There are top-level filters, and sub-level filters (Child Filters). Documents are saved to Filters to allow your HowNow system to search the criteria specified by the user and easily pinpoint and retrieve the record.

It is important to plan your filters well at the beginning of the implementation. The Business Fitness Support team can assist and advise you in implementing Best Practice for Document Management.

When saving documents the Filters are easily accessible to choose from.

>Documents tab  >click the +

Use the Add New Filter screen to create a new Filter and assign Teams to it.

>Click Save

Right-Click on a Filter to Rename, Delete, change the Teams or add a Child (sub-level) Filter.

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